Heat & Light Regulating Canopy


Canopies & Entrances:
  • - 1.3m canopies extend your living area
  • - Internal storage bay is 2.0m x 0.63m within entrances
Total size:
  • - Length x 3.36m
  • - Width x 1.8m
  • - Height x 1.26m
Living area:
  • Comfortable and spacious living area 2.1m length x 1.8m wide
2 man Cinch! Disc-shaped rucksack size:
  • - 70cm approx in diameter
  • - 5kg approx
All tents Include:

2 x LED lanterns/torches, 4 x LED tent pegs, 32 x tent pegs, 20 x light reflective guylines, 2 x canopies and pole kits, 1 x tent repair kit, 1 x disc shaped easy to carry rucksack. (Solar Packs are sold separately)

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