Born in a field in 2009, CINCH! is the ultimate pop-up tent

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Provides 75% more space


We’ve added an extended canopy that increases the living space a further 75%, so you can cook, eat or relax outside your tent whilst still sheltering from the sun and rain.

Light and simple - the extended canopy has the best space to weight ratio in our range. It packs down into a small case weighing less than a kilogram and covers a large space when opened. Best of all It also functions as a standalone shelter, so you can take it anywhere you like and use as a free standing shelter!

  • Accompanying light

  • Extends your living space
    by at least 75%

  • Neatly packs away

  • Fully waterpoof

  • Lightweight

Size & Weight 2 Man - 85inch (l) x 85inch (w) x 50inch (h) 216 x 216 x128cm 4.5lb / 2.06kgs
3 Man - 92inch (l) x 98inch (w) x 58inch (h) 233 x 248 x148cm 5.2lb / 2.35kgs
4 Man - 105.5inch (l) x 107.5inch (w) x 64.5inch (h) 268 x273 x164cm 6lb / 2.74kgs


Our 2018 range is currently being manufactured so keep your eyes peeled to your inbox for updates on production. We’re a crowdfunded company and make our tents to order every year. This means they’re extra special but it also means that our timeframe can sometimes shift to make allowances for unforeseen circumstances or irresistible improvements. Please do bear this in mind when placing your order.


All of our tents, kit and parts come with a 12-month warranty, effective from the date of delivery. The warranty is automatically registered in the name of the purchaser – so please let us know of any transfer of ownership by email or post, to ensure the warranty remains valid. The warranty does not apply to unregistered products.

We will repair or replace any registered Cinch! product if the material or manufacturing is defective, as long as we are notified within the 12-month warranty period.

The Cinch! is strong – but it’s not invincible. Please follow the care instructions, and use your tent responsibly. We cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by normal wear and tear, alteration, accident, abuse or misuse, improper set-up, or stampeding children.

To make a claim on your warranty, please contact us by email at and provide details of the fault (including photos if possible). We will verify your registration, and get back to you to discuss repair or replacement.

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